Overall Operations Analysis of a Garments Factory in Bangladesh

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Bangladesh is still a developing country but the tremendous growth prospect that this country has shown and still showing on for some time now signals the bright future that Bangladesh possesses. There are some industries and sectors which have provided the country with the phenomenal start and necessary speed that is required for an annual 6-7% growth over the past few years. Readymade garments industry is one of those sectors. After the emergence of Bangladesh, radical change has come to our garments sector. At present there are about 3000 garments industries in the country and 75 percent of them are in Dhaka. This industry has employed fifty lacks of people and 85 percent of them are illiterate rural women. About 76
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The main objective is to explore and evaluate the operations management of G.K. Garments and to see whether the entity is maintaining an efficient operation.

This study tried to find out and evaluate the real time operations of a readymade garments manufacturer company. We hope that our findings will help to shed light on the operations of the overall garments industry.
The report was based on primary data collected from G.K. Garments. To complete this report, we went to the G.K. Garments, an affiliation of Azim Group situated in Savar, to learn about its overall operation and inventory management and other relevant information and we tried to evaluate the operation from the perspective of operations management. This report is being prepared after data evaluation and analysis.
We faced the following limitations while making this report: 1. Difficulty specially in collecting the information: It was not possible for us to research on a more extensive way for time limitation. 2. Time Constraint: Time constraint was a limitation for this research. 3. The overall report was based on observations of one readymade garments factory which will provide a narrow viewpoint on the overall situations of the industry as a whole.

Location of the Facility:
Location of a business facility is one of the most important strategic business decisions that the management needs to make. No single

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