Essay about Outline Of A Theory Of Argumentation

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Prospectus Draft David Hume once said that “Truth springs from arguments among friends (CITE HEINRICHS).” While researchers often engage in discourse about what truth is and how we know truth, one constant appears present. In order to formulate even the discourse of whether a social scientist can discover truth or Truth these social scientists must have an ability to think and express their thoughts in differentiating manners. If every social scientist though the same way there would be no need for social science because we would have all of the answers. Yet, in our society, researchers regularly frame argumentation as a negative engagement. This characterization allows individuals of a certain power status to remain in power and for their ideas to be repeated and replicated and systemically affects the voices of other members of our society. In an effort to begin the process of formulating a theory of argumentation as neither a positive nor a negative engagement but an amoral engagement with power resting in the orator of the argument.
Theoretical Rationale Although there is an abundance of research on argumentation and uncivil discourse, little theoretical research frames this discourse of dissent in a positive or even amoral manner. Therefore, the researcher combines multiple traditional theories and demonstrates how the researcher can apply these to the issue of argumentation and the benefits of this process. The most obvious starting place for language and the…

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