Outline Of A Matter I Am Essay

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I am writing to you to discuss a matter I am currently faced with concerning your son, Chuck. This is Laura Leppanen, Chucks previous IHSS provider. I worked for Chuck from October 26, 2015 through February 10, 2016. As you may already know Chuck and I had a falling out and I am no longer working for him. Chuck and I had a disagreement with regards to my pay from the IHSS. He was under the impression that he, for some reason, was entitled to a portion of my pay. I have been an IHSS provider since 2009. The practice of sharing any funds I receive as pay from the IHSS is not only a violation but can be prosecuted as a felony charge in court. I refused Chucks demands and due to this misunderstanding I no longer work for him. He is extremely angry with me and is convinced that I owe him $1,700.00. As a result of this situation a new issue has come about, that being my car. On March 31, 2016, I was at Graton Casino as well as Chuck as I had seen him there. At some point during the time I was there my car was vandalized. Three holes were put into my radiator and my a/c condenser. After leaving the casino my car made it about 4 miles before it overheated. I was able to pullover and call a tow truck who subsequently brought my car to Novato Ford, the dealership where I had purchased the vehicle just 8 months’ prior. After an inspection was done on my car the mechanics concluded that the damage could’ve only been done intentionally as there was no possibility of the damage…

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