Essay on Out, Out By Robert Frost

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The “Ins and Outs” of “Out, Out---“ In the poem “Out, Out---“ by Robert Frost the title can immediately foreshadow the poems events. The words “Out, Out” is what the readers first read, and by the end of the story will realize why Robert Frost may have titled it that way. Robert Frost was born in San Francisco on March 26h in the year 1874. Frost started to become interested in poetry during high school and Harvard, even though he never officially received his college degree. Frost later became good friends with Ezra Pound who helped get him obtain a desired reputation, and helped publish his work. Frost then moved back to the U.S. from England and was recognized as one of America’s finest poets during World War I. (
Who can really say what the intent of message is behind a poem? Yes, the author can. Every author writes what they write for a reason. The rest of us attempt to assume from the knowledge we gather, what is the underlying intent of the work of an author? A quest of many, including myself, is to get a clearer picture of the author’s intent. The true analysis may always remain a mystery without verification of those who have long since been laid to rest, or has perhaps Robert Frost would express, are “Out, Out---“. I suggest that the American poet Robert Frost intended his readers to ponder the fragility of life in his poem “Out, Out---“ published in 1916. It tells the story of a young boy who dies after his hand is…

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