Our Subjective Reality ( Individual Perspectives ) Essay

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Today, even some aspects of our subjective reality (individual perspectives) can be scientifically measured. Modern medical technology can examine a person 's level of stress by measuring particular hormone levels like testosterone, estrogen, cortisol, adrenaline, and thyroid. One person 's stress response to an objectively real event might be completely different than another 's. For example, we might want to compare the stress response of a person who has fought in war with the response of person who has lived on a peaceful island his entire life when something completely natural happens like thunder or lightening. Weather is part of our objective reality, and it happens the same way for everyone. If clouds dump rain on me at a rate of one gallon per 10 minutes, then a person standing near me will feel the same amount of rain fall on her. The objective truth is that clouds are dumping rain at a rate of one gallon per 10 minutes. The subjective truth, however, might be different for each of us.

So, if we measure the responses of the two people with radically different backgrounds, one with a battle history and one with a quiet history, we might see radically different results when lightening and thunder clap above them. Let 's say we could set up the experiment so that neither one knew a storm was coming. They both sit in rooms opposite each other. They do not know each other is involved. Experimenters are looking at heart rate, blood pressure, sweat on the skin, hormone…

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