Our Intuitions Are Produced By The Human Brain Essay

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In regard to instinct, Leda Comides and John Tooby stated that “our intuitions are produced by the human brain, an informative processing device that was designed by the evolutionary process” (47). Evolution provided humanity with tools, such as intuition, to survive much in the same way that it equipped mankind with the capability to know when it is proper to utilize these judgments. In connecting the links between ways of knowing and instinctive judgments, it will be made apparent the great extent to which they are intertwined as they often work to prevent some of humanities faltering characteristics. By viewing ways of knowing such as reason and imagination as a check on our instinctive judgments, we not only find that we can logically prevent the fallout of actions that are perceived as primitive, but we may just as well formulate future scenarios on the repercussions of those actions. Similarly, faith morally deters a person from committing acts that could potentially be an infringement upon their beliefs.
Reason can be utilized as a way of checking our instinctive judgments as it is ultimately a faculty by which we examine the rationalization of our intuitive deeds. When confronted with our most basic and human-like reactions, reason attempts to break down the components of these instinctive judgments under question and reassemble them in a manner that provides clarity within the situation. As a young child living in a rough neighborhood, I was once placed in a…

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