Dehumanization In The Book Night

A lot of people are scared of the dark. People are scared of the dark because they can not see therefore they do know what surrounds them. Which does not make them scared of the dark but rather fear of the unknown. Humans want the security that they are safe. During WWII it was difficult for people to feel the security they desire. Since nobody had this security it felt to many of the Jews that it was Dark all the time, it was always night. Elie Wiesel’s memoir Night shows that by using night to represent the darkness of humanity when he shares his experiences about the Ghettos, God, and dehumanization showing that humanity’s fear are brought out in the unknown.
Night is used to show the darkness of humanity and the fear of the unknown by
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As Elie goes through his transition from a normal boy to a prisoner he becomes less or a person due to the new darkness and fears brought into his life. Dehumanization is something that is shown throughout the novel from the moment Elie gets into the first cattle car. Every person is stripped of their worth and have no security. Elie does not even remember what time of day it is at or how long he has spent in certain places. He realizes that he has no sense of reality because he is so numbed by the Nazi’s.“So many events have taken place in just a few hours that I had completely lost all notation of time. When had we left our homes? And the ghetto? And the train? Only a week ago? One night? One single night?” (Wiesel 37). Elie is so confused and does not understand that has his journey into the concentration camps deepens he is loosing his worth. The prisoners are abused and malnourished. Everyone loses their identities which brings out the human fear of not having the security that as humans is needed therefore making Elie and the other prisoners overwhelmed with …show more content…
Ghettos were an example of darkness bring out humans fear of the unknown because in the ghettos the prisoners were always in the dark. They had no idea what was coming next they did not have a secure living facility and it made life very scary for them as Elie explains. God is another example of how darkness brought out human fear of the unknown because God was such a huge part of Elie’s life. But as he stopped believing in him thought his time along his journey since God is an abstract idea he has no secure concrete proof he was there was going to help Elie get through this difficult time in his life. Lastly, dehumanization is an example of how darkness brings out the fear of the unknown. As Elie progress through his journey in the concentration camps he becomes numb his fear consumes his entire being he is not treated like a person so he stops acting like a person. Elie could not even cry when his father died. Since his father was the only security he had in the camps without his security Elie had no feelings left except his fear. When people are put in scary tragic situations where they no longer have any control or idea of what is going on it brings out humans fear. If people are unaware if they will live or die they can not function properly because fear consumes them. That is why it is so important to know what is coming ahead because humans are so scared of the

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