Otherness Essay

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Jasmin Mercado
Miss DeLlamas
AP Language
9 December 2012
The Otherness Otherness is the concept of one not meeting the requirements of fitting into the social norm. These people are then rejected and left alone because they are too unique for “normality”. Blanche and Susanna have several comparisons and they both make their own statements about “otherness” which leads to their delinquency and punishments. At first, Blanche expresses herself as a young, caring, honest, and innocent lady, but it is later revealed that she is the complete opposite. Blanche becomes an alcoholic because of her incrimination towards her husband’s death. She feels responsible for her husband’s suicide and has emptiness in her heart. She begins to be
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Blanche’s situation is perceived in a different manner. She believes that people will forget her past, therefore, enabling her to forget about the past and think about the future, in order to be accepted. AS a result of her past issues, Stanley reminds Blanche which prevents her from discovering possible happiness with Mitch. Both works make the topic of otherness effortless to comprehend. Furthermore, the treatment of the characters, Susanna and Blanche, help enhance the reader’s feelings towards uniqueness in others. Susanna had an advantage and a disadvantage. Her advantage was being placed in the mental institution because she found friends that she never had. For example, she let Toby leave by himself for the reason that she did not want to leave here friends. However, her disadvantage was being manipulated by those around her, especially Lisa. In addition, she is perceived as a person who has “casual sex” and attempted to commit suicide because she is mentally unstable. On the contrary, Blanche was judged for her misconduct. She was not given the opportunity to explain the reasons for her actions.IN the end, Stella, Blanche's sister does not believe that Stanley has sexually assaulted Blanche and also judges her. Once people are labeled as insane it is difficult for people to believe what they are saying. At a young age, people are taught to be themselves because that is the best anyone can be. If

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