Essay about Othello, By William Shakespeare

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Love can be such a strong bond between two people, whether they be friends or lovers. It blankets many imperfections and sees only the purest form of that person. But, love can be twisted and manipulated into a darkness that no one may see coming. Iago had a hate in his bones to which there was only one way he could extinguish it. Yet, with all his hate, it was Desdemona 's love in the end, that conquered all. With the help of Desdemona 's friend Emilia, she was able to clear her name and prove her love faithful down to the end. However, Othello 's sense of justice caused his inner being to have only one possible outcome, death, to her and to himself. Next, we will see three different forms of love. One type of love was for oneself, the second for that of justice and the third was loyal love.
Iago had a skewed view of love, for whatever reason, to him it was merely a means to an end. Iago was no fool, he may not have felt love but, he knew how it changed a person. For Iago said, " It is merely a lust of the blood and a permission of the will."(1.3.334) With his negative view on love and ease of deceiving his closest companions, Iago set in motion a long con that would have a devastating blow to everyone around him. Iago 's friends thought him to be a honest, loyal friend when in fact he was only after his own advantage. He used his friendship with Rodrigo and Rodrigo 's love for Desdemona to begin his con. His hate for Othello consumes any respectable quality he may have.…

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