Othello, By William Shakespeare Essay

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"Othello" is the best representation of the great tragedies of William Shakespeare; the Moor of Venice, a military with strong character. Shakespeare enhance the barbarity of the Moor, but from my point of view, Othello has essentially been nothing more than a simple soldier, naive, basic, black mindset. On the other hand, William Shakespeare also presented us the beautiful young wife of Othello, Desdemona, and her conflict with her father Brabantio, because of Othello 's race. Desdemona defends her love, which has been the subject of scorn because of Othello 's skin color: "He is in part the victim of racism, though he nobly refuses to deny his own culpability" (Bevington).
According to Bevington, Othelo is a "tragic hero" victim of the racism of the society of that time. He also points Desdemona as a victim of the sexism: "she is the victim of sexism, lapsing sadly into the stereotypical role of passive...Venetian world expects of women" (Bevington). Brabantio, her father described her as a shy maiden, quiet, easily embarrassed, with reputable education. Brabantio believes that Desdemona was duped by Othello, alluding Othello 's dark skin color relation with witchcraft. But in fact, she is really in love, because of the stories, travel and adventures that Othello told her.
The story of the Moor in the service of the Doge of Venice does not show such a negative image of the Arab race. The Moor is presented by Shakespeare as loyal and full of virtues that come to…

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