Othello, By William Shakespeare Essay

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Desdemona represents a character who inadvertently found herself in the middle of Iago’s evil plot. As a result the actions taken by Desdemona throughout the story rests in the fate of Othello’s hands.

In his play “Othello”, William Shakespeare evolves the setting around Venice in the 1500’s. Consequently Venice in Shakespeare’s play was once ruled by a Moor named Othello. Othello, a black man, was seen as a valuable war hero by his citizens including a future Psychopath named Iago. Iago soon becomes mad about having been snubbed by “A guy who knows more about numbers then fighting” for the lieutenant job. Since Othello hired Michael Cassio as his lieutenant and not Iago, Iago teams up with his friend Roderigo to go wake up Brabantio, the Senator of Venice who happens to be Othello’s Wife’s father. Once Iago and Roderigo enter Brabantio’s home, they tell Brabantio how he has allowed an “African horse to climb all over his daughter”. After finding out his daughter has “thrown her life away on some stranger”, Brabantio orders his servants to bring his daughter Desdemona and Othello to the Duke of Venice. While being questioned by Brabantio, Desdemona confesses, “I owe Othello as much as my mother owed you”. Ensuing what he heard, the Duke confides with Brabantio “try to make the best of the situation you’re in”. Due to the sudden news that “The Turks are heading for Cyprus with a powerful fleet”, the Duke tries persuading Othello to help fight for Cyprus. Othello “humbly”…

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