Osteoarthritis Case Study

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1.0 Introduction:
This essay will discuss the muscular skeletal disease called Osteoarthritis (OA). It will focus on the definition of OA, prevalence statistics of OA from two countries Australia and Japan. This essay will also explore one treatment used for OA.

1.0 Definition of topic.
Arthritis is a condition that affects the joints of the body, such as, knees, neck, hips etc. This is due to the wearing and tearing of the cartilage supporting the movement of the bones against each other (Ali, 2013, p. 153). There are many types of arthritis, one of the most common is osteoarthritis, (OA). The joints of the body where two bones meet contain synovial fluid, which is produced by the synovial membrane. This fluid lines the inside of the joint
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The prevalence of OA in Australia according to statistics done by the Australian Bureau of statistics (ABS, 2011-12), 3.3 million Australians which is 14.8% of the population have OA and 3.3% of Australians. This results suggests that OA affects a huge number of people in Australia. OA is more common and affects women more than men and starts at an early age, 1% aged under 25 years to 52.1% of aged 75 years and over (ABS, 2011-12). Predominantly Women over 45 have a greater chance of this disease, those at the ages of 75 and greater had a, 59.9% of women compared to 42.3% of men (ABS, 2011-12). OA is also shown to increase at a rapid state particularly in women after the diagnosis (AIHW, 2011-12).

1.0 Prevalence in Japan:
On the other hand the prevalence of OA in Japan is that elderly women are more likely to suffer from OA when compared to the males. OA studies done on 2,282 elderly participants in japan over the age of sixty indicates that men were 47% and women were 70% more likely to get this condition (Muraki et al., 2009). In contrast the two studies done in Australia and Japan highlights that elderly women are the main suffers of OA and that men are less likely to get this disease.

2.0 Treatment

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