Oscar Wilde 's Life And Beauty Essay

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Oscar Wilde portrays Sibyl Vane to be a seventeen year old actress who works for a small local theatre. Not only is Sybil characterized by her astounding beauty-dark hair, violet eyes, delicate lips, ivory skin (45) but she possess a remarkable childlike innocence and frailty. Sybil does not realize how vast her influence and beauty is. This adds on to her childlike essence of wonder and purity as it was with Dorian at the beginning.
Sibyl Vane lives in a fairytale illusion where she expects to be rescued by her “Prince Charming”, Dorian Gray, whom she describes as “he is what love should be” (54). Sybil’s rose tinted vision on life leads to her inability to grasp the reality; instead, she is ridiculously idealistic with her notions on love:
“What does money matter? Love is more than money!” (53)
“To be in love is to surpass oneself” (57)
“To see him is to worship him, to know him is to trust him.” (59)
Such unrealistic views are also reflected in her musings about her brother’s experience in Australia, which she believes would entail him unearthing the hugest gold ores, fighting off red shirted bush ranger, rescuing an heiress who he would later fall in love with and living in a large house (57-58). Dramatic renditions such as this that she expects from real life make one wonder if her heavy exposure to theatre in her family, her upbringing and her profession is the reason why Sibyl’s head is in the clouds. Or whether, is it teenage infatuation that she is experiencing?…

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