Impressionism: The Art Movement

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The art movement impressionism took place in the late 1860’s. Its characteristics is small, thin visible brushstrokes. The significance of impressionism is the perfect illustration of the effects of light. Impressionism was originated by a group of Paris based artist. As impressionism evolved it was faced with resistance from conventional art community in France. The name of the art style Impressionism came from the title of a Claude Monet painting, “Soleil Levant” (impressionism, Sunrise). The growing of impressionist in the visual art was soon followed by impressionist music and impressionist literature.

Claude Oscar Monet was also known as Oscar-Claude Monet. Monet was born in Paris on November 14, 1840 and died on November 5, 1926. He
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This painting shows a family spending time together. There is a mother and her son taking an evening walk on a beautiful sunny day. I see peace, warmth and beauty in this painting. It reminds me of the quality time I spent with my sons. How I would sit and watch them play. While they would be playing I would joying God’s wonderful creations (trees, flowers, clouds in the sky, and so much more…) of nature. The trees would look so amazing as the wind would blow their leaves. The sun would warm the earth but also its beauty would warm my heart. How the flower would smell so good and make everything around them shine. I would wonder how people could be around all this beauty and never take the time out of there busy schedule to enjoy it. I believe the artist enjoyed God’s creation (nature) and came to love painting them and the people in them. I believe this painting means nothing will last forever, embrace and enjoy every moment and its beauty that’s lies within. Time is precious, and we should try to capture as many moments of peace and beauty as possible. We should share gift love with everyone. I believe the artist made this panting to capture a moment in time of his lovey wife and son, while making his painting skills better (practicing) and it became one of the greatest paintings he ever did. The painting is currently located at the National Gallery of Art. Where, it is still viewed today, as one of the most beautiful impressionism paintings

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