Essay about Orwell 's 1984 By George Orwell

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We may think that government wants the best for its citizens, but in the novel, 1984 by George Orwell it proves us wrong. This novel shows the extreme side of psychological manipulation done to the society by the government. Getting into people 's heads and forcing them to believe The Party 's ideologies, and how Big brothers government controls their citizens. Using the thought police, and surveillance devices, such as the telescreens, are techniques to watch over the citizens, more specifically the outer party members. The Two Minutes hate and Room 101 are ways to brainwash the citizens, although room 101 is saved for "unique" rebels. The tools that the party uses to psychologically manipulate the citizens of Oceania are the thought police, two minutes hate, telescreens, and Room 101. The thought police is an organization that keeps the citizens from committing thought crime by staying undercover and catching rebellious thoughts in action. The people you least expect to deceive you, end up being the ones who do. Mr. Charrington seems to be an innocent old man, who lives in the prole district and owns an antique shop. He is the one that sold the diary to Winston; this is exactly what starts Winston 's rebellious thoughts. He was the one who let Winston and Julia rent the room, where they usually meet. Later in the novel, it is revealed that Mr. Charrington is a part of the thought police and he was disguised as an old man the entire time. The thought police is devoted…

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