Orwell 's 1984, By George Orwell Essay

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In George Orwell’s 1984, he explores the idea of total government control and the Idea of a slippery slope from government control through the life of a young man named Winston, who is trapped in the world of Big Brother. What Orwell examines in the novel through Winston is the idea of security vs. privacy and the novel asks the question, “Where is the limit?” In his novel, 1984, George Orwell creates a dystopia to illustrate the dangers of total government control. George Orwell illustrates totalitarianism by making the characters have little mental control. While in the middle of the two minutes hate, Winston starts to think about the Party’s control over the civilians of Oceania. He tells about how hard it was to not join in the shouting in the 2 minutes hate even when one doesn’t like the Party. “In a lucid moment Winston found that he was shouting with the other and kicking heel violently against the rung of his chair. The horrible thing about the 2 minutes hate was not that one was obliged to act a part. But that it was impossible to avoid joining in(14).” This incident shows how even Winston, the one person that maybe hates the Party the most, joins in the shouting. His participation shows how persuasive the Party was and just how easy it is to want to join in with the crowd. Even when he hates it, he cannot resist.
Orwell illustrates no mental control by having the characters adore Big Brother. All through Oceania the sign saying “Big Brother is watching you”, In…

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