Origin Myths : The Mysteries Of The World Essay

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Origin myths delineate the mysteries of the world and answer the questions of how the earth was created and humans purpose on earth. Each culture has a different myth; in these myths, generally, the god or the gods created mankind, earth, animal, and heaven. Many of these stories present the gods with a paternalistic attitude toward the human species. The gods care for humans and provide them with essential items needed for survival. Also, the gods castigate mankind when the human race was mischievous. This relationship between gods and humans is a parent and child relationship. In “Metamorphoses” by Ovid, he states “The year went by in peace. And Earth, untroubled, unharried by hoe and plowshare, brought forth all that men had need for, and those men were happy”. This year was called the “Golden Age”. This was a year of harmony with no violence or punishment. Mankind possesses all the things they needed to live and to be content. These people’s gods had given them “river of honey”, warm weather, and “a time with no threat”. The gods had provided them with all these elements like a parent providing their child with foods, clothes, and shelter. The Golden Age did not last long. Gods can give them the materials they needed, but he can take it away in a heartbeat. The “Silver Age” came after the Golden Age ; it brought scorching sun and cold weather. Then, the “Iron Age… let loose all evil; modesty and truth”. The gods had taken away the mankind peaceful life…

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