Organ Donation Is An Excellent Idea Essay

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When the words “make a difference” come across, what comes to mind? Is it doing something small like giving someone a smile, or is it something bigger like giving someone a part of your body that will never be given back? Both scenarios are of equal value, but there is something about giving up a part of the body that has a much deeper meaning to it, which is why I believe in organ donation. As a country, people should care about organ donation because someone could have the heart, liver, lung, kidney, and anything else to help another individual be able to live a healthier life. Organ donation is an excellent idea because it can save people’s lives, gives others the satisfaction of being a match for another person, and there is no age limit as to when a person can donate. Giving someone else a chance to live would definitely be a life changing experience, in more than one way, but that would be worth it all the while.
The history of organ donation goes way back in time. Some of the first donations that took place are as follows: “1960—First successful kidney transplant performed between siblings who were not twins. 1959—First successful kidney transplant performed between fraternal twins. 1954—First successful kidney transplant performed. A living donor gave a kidney to his identical twin. 1906—First transplant of a cornea performed. 1869—First skin transplant performed” (Timeline of Historical Events Significant Milestones in Organ Donation and Transplantation.…

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