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Now that we know about the issue and the causes for the lack of organ donors, we need to talk about what can be done to fix the problem. Some of the things that are already being done is that governments are trying to make systems for keeping track of who is, and who is not an organ donor. According to Miller (2016), having a knowledge of different types of systems in various governments around the world can provide us with more successful options. The current system in the United States is ‘voluntary consent’ where people don’t have to make a determination unless they want to choose in favor of it (because no option to choose ‘no’). Voluntary consent is also known as ‘opt in’ (Lupkin). The only exception to this, if no consent given prior, …show more content…
Well, if their wishes are known and the donor dies within certain parameters, one person can help at least eight people. If you include tissue donation, the number that benefits could be double or triple this number. One person dying is sad, but numerous people suffering when there was a chance for them to get help is catastrophic. Not only does organ donation help the people who receive the transplant, the family of the deceased often finds comfort knowing that their loved one is ‘living on’. On Feb. 14th, 2012, Zac Wildhaber, who was a recent graduate of this high school, was killed in a vehicle accident. We all think it won’t be ‘us’ but none of us are invincible. Zac’s family made the right decision by consenting for him to be an organ donor and have since started a organ donation program to increase the awareness of how important it is. In the words of his parents, “ Zac is greatly missed every single day. We find much joy in knowing that Zac has helped so many people. This is the most comforting feeling anyone can experience in the face of death. Without organ donation, Zac’s story is a tragic loss. With organ donation, Zac’s story is a tragic loss that ends with a lot of love and healing for all involved.” Through Zac’s donations, there were five organ transplants and 46 life-saving or life-altering tissue transplants. (“Zac’s Challenge”) People who are live donors often feel the gratification of helping someone else, whether to a family member or a complete stranger, which is a strong act of human

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