Oral Tradition In American Native Americans And Native American Culture

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Similarly, when the first colonizers arrived at the North American continent, they concluded that America was deserted and empty. However, they realized that they had company when they figured out that the land had been inhabited for a considerable amount of time by the Native Americans. Since the colonizers did not make an effort to live peacefully amongst the Native Americans, the following generations lacked the trust of the Native American Community and knowledge on maintaining good relationships with the Native Americans. Unfortunately, the inability to solve this problem has became a common issue among American Native Americans and European Americans throughout the history of the United States. As a result, a series of historical events …show more content…
It is considered important that people live in harmony with both the physical and spiritual universe; this may be achieved through the power of thought and of words. When an individual speaks words they are communicating with the physical world and when one is in thought they are in conversation their inner spiritual self or a spiritual being. However, there are times when one can speak words to communicate with the spiritual world such as during spiritual ritual songs. For tribes, their oral literature reflects the survival of their culture and spirituality because it enables a generation’s ability to pass on cultural and spiritual traditions from one generation to another, as words are used to communicate historical stories, autobiographies, rituals and heroic stories. This places them in the world because it gives a particular Native Tribe the ability to express their history or proof of existence, but these words are better off spoken in their tribal language. The tribal language further allows a particular Native American tribe to preserve their culture. Hence, the US government not only removed the Native Americans from their homeland, but also took the natives away from each other as

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