Oprah Winfrey Influence

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Oprah Winfrey is well known for hosting her elaborate talk show, beginning in 1986, and ending in 2011. This show was rated best in history for the kind. She is also an actress, philanthropist, publisher, producer and she has been ranked the richest African-American of the 20th century and is currently North America 's only black billionaire. Oprah has the honor of being awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by our current President. She has attended both Harvard and Duke leaving with multiple doctrine degrees.
Oprah’s early life, to many may seem as a shock. Born on Jan. 29th, 1954 in Mississippi, Oprah was given life from a penniless, teenage single-mother, and raised in an inner-city Milwaukee neighborhood. Her life was not easy,
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Her career in news and radio did not shock her grandmother as she always said and knew that Oprah loved to talk, all day, on stage, or face to face. In 1983 Oprah began to work in Chicago for a morning talk show, as the host. Within the next three years Oprah created the most popular talk show, which became known as The Oprah Winfrey Show.
Oprah Winfrey has attributes of many other successors. Oprah may have had a bad past, but she didn 't let that get in the way of her dreams and desires. She may or may not have had these desires because of her past, but one thing for sure is that she had a dream in mind since a very young age, and she was unique and passionate. She not only wanted to create a better life for herself, but she wanted to create better lives for everyone, and you can see this as a reflection of her show.
Of course her show is popular, and the fact that she started in news, but one thing about Oprah that made her unique was that she has appearances in movies as well. She starred in a movie called The Color Purple, which came out in 1985. In her latest movie appearance, Selma, Oprah won the best motion picture of the
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Oprah didn’t create a product, but she created an empire. As she made millions and millions off of her show over the many years it ran, Oprah decided to create a television network. The network is called OWN, OWN is an acronym for Oprah Winfrey Network. Of course Oprah was very wealthy, and was a billionaire at this point, but in my opinion, Oprah cared more about influencing people, and changing the world. Like many entrepreneurs, Oprah owned things like private jets, big houses, nice cars, and fancy things, but her attached value to these things was very minimal. Her focus wasn’t necessarily building wealth, but building the lives of many people. One project that Oprah has begun was building many schools in African countries that needed support. This project has helped thousands of girls in Africa attend schools and start lives. This is one of many of the wonders Oprah has done for

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