Oppression Of Black And White Women Essay

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Ar’n’t I a Woman? Female Slaves in the Plantation South, written by Deborah Gray White is a project to reveal the experiences and tribulations of slaves in the antebellum South. White felt as if the lives of female slaves were inadequately represented. White states that “For black women, race and sex cannot be separated. We cannot consider who black women are as black people without considering their sex, nor can we consider who they are as women without considering their race.” (White, 6). The womanhood of black and white women was interdependent and relied on one another. The white woman’s superiority came from the racism that degraded black women. Sexism was a factor that caused these groups of women to have so little in common. African American women in the antebellum South were treated very differently from white women during this time period. Black women endured repeated rapes and were constantly surrounded by violence. They were beaten in front of their children and witnessed their children being beat. These effects of abuse spawned low self esteem, anger and depression within African American slaves. In the Southern states black women were not able to enjoy the same privileges as whites and to be of color was a symbol of degradation. White women in America were expected to be passive because they were female, but black women had to be submissive because they were black and slaves (White, 17). This is what made the difference in the responsibilities and sex roles of…

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