Essay on Opportunity : Chances And Environment

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Opportunity: Chances and Environment A wise man once said that no matter how hard he works and how far he thinks he can get, it will all depend on whom he or she surrounds himself with and the location it takes place. This wise man as a young boy came to the United States from Mexico to work in the 1950s. He worked day after day, weeks after week and made enough to support himself and save a few dollars for his parents, but everything changed when he met a girl who will change his life; a United States citizen that lived comfortably because her parents were farms owners. The long love story finally officially started when the girl 's parent accepted the wise man and as a result they got married. The wise man started to surround himself with another culture and customs. He started to get more knowledgeable and learn English. After, years he learned to work the land as a farm owner and stopped working the land as a laborer. The opportunity the wise man gained by marring the girl took him from being a simple laborer to a farm owner. As a result from changing his environment he was given the opportunity to acquire new knowledge, which in returned, enable him to work his own land in Mexico and became a successful farmer. Even though people create their own chances by being out on the streets looking for them with hard work, perseverance, and measuring their success on their actions and not on the environment, chances for success depend on the environment because chances are…

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