Ophelia 's Loss Of Free Will Essays

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Throughout the play, Hamlet, Ophelia’s descent into madness progressively increases due to the loss of free will, Hamlet’s rejection, and the guilt over her father’s death. However, Ophelia’s madness and eventual demise inspires Laertes’ revenge and at times projects the true nature of the King and Queen as well as herself. Ophelia is shown to have times of clarity and regret to the way things were handled by herself and others. Ophelia, even in her insanity, is the symbol of innocence. An innocence that leads her to be unable to cope with the tragedies in her life.
Ophelia’s loss of free will originates from the manipulations of her father, Polonius, and her brother, Laertes and her own inability to see that she is being used for the mischiefs of others. At first her family seems like a close and caring family, but underneath it all is the foundation of male superiority and appearances. Behind the act of wanting to protect her is the fact that Polonius and Laertes know that if Ophelia were to sin that their whole family would be reproached by society. Growing up without a mother, Ophelia places her trust and gives her loyalty to Polonius and Laertes because she has no one else. Ophelia is torn between her affections towards Hamlet and her aspiration to be an example daughter and sister. Her will to do what she has been told to do causes her to lose her own identity and take on the identity given by Polonius and Laertes. She no longer thinks for herself, but instead expects…

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