Hamlet Character Of Ophelia Essay

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In William Shakespeare’s, Hamlet, Ophelia is a young, noble woman who, in the beginning, is in love with Prince Hamlet. However, because of her obedience to her father, Polonius, and brother, Laertes, she no longer returns Hamlet’s affections at their request. This relationship with Polonius and Laertes reveals an entirely different character in Ophelia as the story progresses. By the end of the play she is put through a lot emotionally, and it is clear that she is not the same girl as she was when it all started. Ophelia acts erratically because Hamlet has rejected her and murdered her father.
Ophelia’s irregular actions are influenced by many people throughout Shakespeare’s, Hamlet. Early in the story, we read of a sweet and innocent woman who is in love with the Prince of Denmark, Hamlet. When
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Most of her motivation is supported by Hamlet because of the love she has for him. Hamlet goes into a depression that, according to Polonius, is because of Ophelia cutting him off. She is very naive to know the truth that Hamlet does not love her the same way she loves him. Hamlet even went so far as to tell her that he never loved her at all, after she was so convinced that he did. This is where the famous “get the to a nunnery” scene happens. Hamlet says to Ophelia, “To a nunnery, go.” (I, i, 148). At this point, Ophelia is devastated. The man she was once so in love with has turned into a man so cruel and harsh. Hamlet’s rejection towards Ophelia leads her to deep depression and disappointment, later driving her to complete madness. For Ophelia, she feels that she has to decide between her father and Hamlet. Either she stands by the image of being an obedient daughter or stands by her love for Hamlet. In the end, she dies to give both sides a complete utter feeling of faults. Her rejection from Hamlet is what drove her to the suicidal event she endured at the end of the

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