Online Sales Of Household Appliances Essay

1370 Words Aug 23rd, 2015 6 Pages Technological environment
The recent dramatic changes of the Internet traditional economic models had dramatically transformed the selling strategies of corporations in the sector. Online sales of household electrical appliances are expanding in China due to attractive payment conditions, widening delivery areas as well as the rising quality of after-sale services. In response, E Manufacturing had entered into Networking Strategy Stage operates in a new mode demonstrating features of networking. The group had embodied three respects: scale free supply chain, border free and manager free enterprise. Meanwhile, high-end customers show great interest in smart household appliances that have only recently been introduced in China. The group had seized the opportunity to restructure itself to meet the personalized demands of the consumers. Key to all the growth was the behind the scenes customer centric operations system.
The country 's appliance manufacturers have been dominating the global market over the decades. E Manufacturing keeps on expanding its business globally and increased its global market share by differentiate the products in favor of customers. Following a slowdown in export growth between 2010 and 2012, the readjustments of export structure from the central government of China and the recovery in key export markets such as Europe and United States reversed this undesirable situation in 2013. The future of the group over the next few years looks promising…

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