Essay about One Resilient Baby By Cherry Green

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Intersectional refers to the different identities of individuals which affect the way power and the allocation of resources for that individual is made available to an individual. Important categories that affect the way individuals are treated are race, sex, class, ethnicity, sexuality, age, and marital status. For example, ethnic minorities are treated differently and have less power and are discriminated against. This aspect of their identity also affects other aspects of their identity through these interactions. Through intersectional analysis, which is the addressing of the different aspects identified and how they interact and affect people in different environments. Being able to analyze the different aspects of an individual’s life instead of categorizing everyone in specific categories allows these individuals who do not fit into the categories to feel included and have their specific challenges and someone who can advocate for their issues.
The study of “One Resilient Baby” by Cherry Green in Listen UP emphasized a variety of aspects of her identity which isolated her and created an environment in which others treated her differently. Green is an African-American woman who is also disabled. The women in Green’s family were viewed as strong individuals who were the equals of men. Members of her family viewed her as a burden, cursed by God,- her grandmother called her “one ugly baby.” People in her community did not believe that she was able to turn into the…

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