Essay on One Nation Under God And By Kevin M. Kruse

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One Nation Under God Growing up in a Christian household, I was raised in believing that the United States and God went together. Even throughout all my schooling up until college I blindly participated in the pledge of allegiance, national anthem and other ceremonies that connected the country to god. I never questioned where my belief came from and for that matter where all of this nation’s god association came from. Being actively interested in history I knew that the pledge wasn’t always practiced within the United States so I never knew where we came up with the pledge of allegiance came from and where the god part came from. All my questions were answered with this book. This non-fiction book is entitled One Nation Under God and was written by Kevin M. Kruse and has received widespread recognition as a well written work and well researched work for that matter. Kevin M. Kruse is a history professor at the University of Princeton where he teaches a variety of classes within the history department which include religion classes, postwar suburbia and American politics. All of these topics are presented within the work and makes him a very reliable source to write this and being taken seriously. The book was written in April 2015 which makes it a very updated work with accurate information that has been thoroughly examined. Throughout this book, I’ve noticed that this is written in such a way that anyone can read it and understand the basic premise of his argument…

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