One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Character Comparisons Essay

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One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Out of the four characters listed in this film, the one character that does not exhibit pretense is Billy. We first see Billy as a nervous, shy young boy with a speech impediment. Billy has weird relationships with women; he likes women and enjoys the company of them but is fearful of the women that are most close to him. Billy’s mother and especially Nurse Ratched are the women he is most afraid of. Nurse Ratched has a personal relationship with Billy’ mother, she has a special motherly power that she only has on Billy and not the other patients in the hospital. She can control him into doing stuff he doesn’t want to do because, Billy is afraid that Nurse Ratched will tell his mother about his
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She controls what the patients listen to and what they can or can’t watch on T.V. In the scene when the patients and Mac were in a daily group meeting with Nurse Ratched, Mac suggests to turn on the T.V. because the World Series was on. Being that the other patients enjoys baseball and that The World Series only came on once a year, it was pretty understandable that she put it on. She wasn;t having it so she put it up to a vote knowing that the other patients wouldn’t go against her. The most evident of her pretense was torwards the end of the movie after Billy has a sexual encounter with a woman in the institute. It was reasonable to report the incident to Billy’s mom, but she came about it the wrong way and as a result Billy committed suicide. In the scene when the Chief reveals himself to Mac, and that he is capable of listening and talking, the prop that was uses was a piece of bubble gum (Juicy Fruit). After the incident with The Chief and Mac brawl with the oderlies, they are both sent to get a form of “shock therapy” to punish them. In waiting in line Mac offerers The Chief a piece of gum, and for the first time ever in the film we hear him say something, “thank you”. As an audience member I was just as shocked as Mac was. The Chief trusted Mac because he saw him as a rebel and someone he can get along with, different than the other patients in the institute. Pretense

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