One Coat Of Paint By John Ashbery

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“One Coat of Paint” is a poem by John Ashbery. Particularly, it is about waiting. In the poem, Ashbery tries to get across that people have to wait until a certain time in their life where it gets easier. It shows this in the poem, it says, “We will all just have to hang on for awhile,” Ashbery doesn’t want people to give up just because it is tough and difficult. The mood in this poem is happy. It is happy because it uses positive words like a while and optimal. Additionally, it is happy and hopeful because it looks to the future. It creates emotion by focusing on what is favorable and not the things that are troublesome.
“Elsewhere” is a poem by Derek Walcott. The poem is mainly about a somewhere else. Walcott talks about how there is a somewhere

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