Once Upon A Nightmare : An Analysis On How Grimm Brothers ' Fairy Tales

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Once Upon A Nightmare: An Analysis on How Grimm Brothers’ Fairy Tales, Gender Roles, and Feminism Have Given Rise to Fractured Fairy Tales and Feminist Fairy Tales.
Once upon a nightmare there was a businessman who wanted to create an empire. However he needed costumers and a product at that, but who could he get, a consumer source untapped? After a few thoughts, an idea popped in his head, “Children!”, he thought and he began to form his plan. For the product, he took old stories and made them a-new, of course they carried a different message, one that he knew. Flashforward, and business is booming, young girls are brainwashed, and the parents are ignoring. He create an empire, his dream a success at last, but he created a nightmare for women in the future, present, and past. The idea that girls must take care of the home, was perpetrated to the children who became mothers of their own. The cycle continues to this day, telling girls what their happy ending is, instead of letting them pave the way.
Every night in America, parents lay their children down for bedtime, and pull out story books that speak of happily ever after’s for their children. However, these stories have a profound effect on the children that are told them, especially young girls. This has led to a rise in the popularity in two other genres, the fractured fairy tale and the feminist fairy tale. As the growing popularity of fractured fairy tales, is due to the changing message from the original fairy…

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