Oliver Twist, By Charles Dicken Essay

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Being a young boy with hardly any sense of where and/or how to belong to society certainly is a problem for Oliver Twist, but not the last of his struggles. In spite of all of the misfortune that is seemingly cursed upon him from his birth, Oliver Twist, an orphan boy, somehow remains positive and keeps his hopes high. One of the reasons as to why his life is so gloomy is because throughout Charles Dicken’s novel Oliver Twist, the young boy experiences a variety of deaths quite frequently; additionally, of the many people he encounters, he is maltreated and neglected due to the poorly enforced laws. One final cause could be is the fact that the entire economic system is very flawed, and that hardly anyone- aside from the wealthy, is well off and Oliver is someone who has some of the worst of it. With all of the deaths, the maltreatment, and flawed government, Oliver is irrepressible and pushes through all of the hardships that life throws his way.
First and foremost, throughout Oliver Twist, the poor boy experiences a spectrum of deaths in his childhood years. Firstly, from the beginning of his life, his mother has already died during his birth due to complications. After his mother’s death, when he proves capable to work, he is forced against his will into child labour at the workhouse in which he is born in until he is nine years old, to which he escapes the baby farm and runs away to London. A second major death that Oliver goes through is the death of Nancy, the…

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