Essay about Olaudah Equiano 's ' The First Chapter '

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Olaudah Equiano references religion in the first chapter of his book where he speaks of his African tribe believing in one creator who governs events, especially death or captivity and then in chapter 2 of his book where he speaks of African brothers being separated when sold and crying out at parting, “O, ye nominal Christians! Might not an African ask you, learned you this from your God, who says unto you, Do unto all men as you would men should do unto you?” 1 During his young life, Olaudah witnessed more abuse and cruelty than he himself personally experienced because most of the people he encountered took a liking to him and treated him with kindness, but still this led him to wonder if these Europeans were some sort of evil spirits.2 After being sold several times and spending the majority of his time at sea he ended up in England where after a few years he encountered servants of some ladies he was attending who told him he could not go to Heaven unless he was baptized which made him very uneasy.3 Being very anxious about the state of his afterlife he spoke with Miss Guerin, one of the ladies he attended and who to her delight made arrangements to have his baptised.4
Olaudah would periodically sail to sea with his master and told of an event in Gibraltar where his ship encountered a fight with a French fleet, it was then that he turned to his faith and came to the conclusion that there was a time to die as well as to be born, thereby casting off all of…

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