Oklahoma State University : Neanderthals : No They Are Not Your Neighbors, But Are Your Relatives?

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Oklahoma State University

No… They are not your neighbors, but they are your relatives.

Emily Cooper
Environmental Sociology 4433-01
Dr. Kennedy
Neanderthals were a close cousin to us, anatomically modern humans, and looked very much like us. This paper will discuss who physically the Neanderthals were, their culture, and how they interacted with humans and their environment leading up to their extinction. Homo neanderthalensis is the genus and species name of Neanderthals, and they lived from 200,000 years ago to 40,000 years in Europe and into west Asia going up into Russia. The first fossil evidence of Neanderthal or even early hominids showed up during 1829 inside Feldhofer Cave located in Neander Valley, Germany. At the time the skull was thought to be an early form of human even before Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species was published and it inferred that humans had evolved from a primate ancestor. They were wrong by thinking that Neanderthals are our ancestor since they are more like our cousin. The line between anatomically modern human and Neanderthals spilt 700,000 years to 500,000 years ago. The average height of males is 5’ 5” 150 pounds, and females were 5’ 1” and 120 pounds, where as anatomically modern humans averaged 5’ 9”. Their bodies are more compact than anatomically modern humans to help keep warm in the cold climate. Their arms are shorter than their modern counterpoints and much bulkier (Human Origins). In…

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