Of Mice And Men Friendship Analysis

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Friendship can last even between those farthest apart or those most different. George a hostile, short prickly man who found a best friend, Lennie a big, strong, innocent man who’s mind doesn 't function as clearly as the rest of society . Friendship isn’t always easy. However, true friends will be there through thick and thin. A person can’t survive without a friend in life, they would be lonely and George fears loneliness and bitterness over anything.The book Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck is a novel with devotion, friendship and treachery. In life companionship trumps loneliness.
Having someone to talk to and share yourself with gives a place of belonging. George and Lennie are migrant workers who chose a unique route to not be alone
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As a Slim walks into the barn and sits down on a box across the table from George and oblivious Lennie he proceeds to talk about how it is strange how George and Lennie travel around together. Slim says, “ Ain’t many guys travel around together, I don 't know why. Maybe ever’ body in the whole damn world is scared of each other.”(pg.35) George has heard this before, he see’s that Slim is a lonely farmer. George explains, “ It’s a lot nicer to around with a guy you know,”(pg.35) These two quotes show my claim very well, Slim speaking upon how every body must be scared of each other, showing loneliness is a place of comfort. Nevertheless, having a companion will always look like the better life. Having a friend near brings happiness and joy to one’s life while loneliness only brings person bitterness and curiosity of another life they could 've …show more content…
He shows what loneliness can do to people and how things can escalate for them. In life championship, friendship, or just having someone near who cares trumps loneliness. Friendship isn 't always easy however, having someone to talk to and share yourself with gives a place of belonging and friendship brings enjoyment into one 's life even though loneliness is the easier route. Most of the characters such as Slim chose the to be alone. You can tell Slim longs for the friendship George and Lennie hold. George and Lennie having each other gives them so much depth as a character. George has a big heart and warm spot for Lennie, his lifelong companion whom he shares dreams with. The dreams bring both of them joy and happiness. Their dreams generate from their friendship. It gives something for them to look forward to in their tough lives as farmers. Throughout the story the two encounter many other characters whose words are full of bitterness or longing and whose life is black and white. They meet the bitter and angry Curley, and Curley’s wife who is so neglected and desperate for a friend she is despised by the other men and Steinbeck doesn 't bother to give her a name. Without a friend in your life you cease to become bitter and desperate, however, with a friend you can become a better person with more depth as a person and color to your

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