Oedipus The King By Sophocles Essay

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In the play Oedipus the King, written by Sophocles, presents a fundamental connection between men’s free will and fate that the Greeks believed guided them. Man had a free choice but they were also held responsible for their actions. These two concepts will play a role in Oedipus destruction. Even though he was a casualty of his destiny, he wasn’t contained by it. From the time Oedipus was born he was doomed by marrying his mother and killing his own father. As the prophecy, was given warning by oracle of Apollo at Delphi that unmistakable and unavoidably would transcend, there was nothing he could have done to change it. The behavior of his past was decided by his fate, the actions he took in Thebes, he did on his own free will. At first, Oedipus preformed many deeds to cause his own demise. Oedipus did not want to wait until the torment to end, he showed sympathy for the people that were in pain, and he sent one of his men to Delphi. When Oedipus found out want Apollo said, he did not peaceful examine the murder of king Laius, in his rush of judgement, he single mindedly curses the murderer, when he done this he did not know he cursed himself.
“Upon the murderer I invoke this curse- whether he is one man and all unknown, or one of many- may he wear out his life in misery or doom! If with my knowledge he lives at my hearth, I pray that I myself may feel my curse.” (Oedipus Exodus lines
Sophocles’ uses the Greek audience to connect with heartbreaking…

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