Essay about Oedipus The King, Antigone And Hamlet

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In the great works literature the writers invite readers through a display of conflict. This is the case with Oedipus the king, Antigone both by sophocles and Hamlet by shakespeare.

For instance in sophocles Oedipus Rex we see Man vs Himself. Oedipus must battle his own impetuousness, hubris, and consequences of his actions. This is conflict because god has declared since Oedipus birth that he would do certain acts in his life. These are shameful acts. One is that he would marry his own mother, which Oedipus actually did. Also He would kill his father. As time go by Oedipus gets into a scuffle with a man on the road and kills him. This turns out to be his own father. Because he does not know Jocasta is his mother, Oedipus ends up marrying her and inheriting the kingdom and produced offspring with her. It seems the more Oedipus tries to avoid his fate it comes to him anyway.

Also a conflict in Oedipus Rex is when Oedipus fights with Tiresias, a blind prophet. Man vs. man occurs when the prophet Teiresias tells Oedipus of a man of blood who has murdered his own father and married his own mother.When Oedipus first ask Tiresias who murdered Laius, who was the king before Oedipus, Tiresias refuses to answer. They go back and forth with Oedipus pointing the finger at the blind prophet. Tiresias says “ that if i did not know any better i say your hands had a dealing in this crime. However Oedipus did not know he killed laius or that was his father.

Finally in this work we…

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