Odysseus Symbols And Themes Of The Odyssey

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The Odyssey is classified as an epic war poem where the hero, Odysseus, faces many obstacles on the way home. Throughout the poem, Odysseus main goal is to make it back to Ithaca even after being gone more than twenty years. The Odyssey is full of many great symbols and themes, but sometimes the smallest give us a great insight on the poem. I decided to focus on book 23 line 203-13, which is Odysseus reaction to Penelope 's test about the bridal bed. “Putting her husband to the proofㅡbut Odysseus blazed up in furry, lashing at his loyal wife: ‘Womanㅡyour words, they cut me to the core! Who could move my bed? Impossible task, even for some skilled craftsmanㅡunless a god came down in person, quick to lend a hand, lifted it out with ease and moved …show more content…
He had a time well spent with the enchantress Circe, with whom he spent many nights and received help from, the nymph Calypso, who he spent many years with and wanted him as her immortal husband, and even the Phaeacians. Who received him with open arms, showered him with gifts and game him everything he needed. Still, Odysseus longed to return home not knowing what was expecting him back home. During his outburst in Book 23, Odysseus describes that he made the bed out of an olive tree, and then built the house around it. Even if everything in Ithaca was different from the time he got back, he knew the bridal bed would still be there because he built it. In a way, the bridal bed was something he could look forward to because it will always be there, as Odysseus says “Who could move my bed? Impossible task, even for some skilled craftsmanㅡunless a god came down in person, quick to lend a hand, lifted it out with ease and moved it elsewhere,” ((23.205-09). If somebody wanted to move the bed, they would first have to destroy the house. You could even say, one of Odysseus main reasons for enduring his journey home, was to get back to the deep-rooted …show more content…
Olive trees are very strong and hardy and represent a lifelong commitment because they cannot be moved, and as a wedding gift to Penelope it also a symbol for their love. Throughout the entire poem, you hear about the suitors and how they are destroying Odysseus home while trying to gain Penelope’s heart. It would have been really easy for Penelope to choose one of the suitors right after rumors about Odysseus death began circulating. Instead, Penelope stayed a loyal wife even after more than twenty years waiting and wishing for her husband 's return. She even went as far as weave loom and then undo at night for three years to keep the suitors off of her (2.101-22). Like her cunning husband, Penelope decides to test Odysseus to make sure it is really him, and what better way to test him about moving the unmovable bridal bed, which only Penelope, Odysseus, and one trusted servant knew about. Odysseus got really offended that Penelope would even say that and screamed at her making Penelope realises that man was indeed her husband. After reuniting, they laid in their bed which symbolises commitment and strength, just like their marriage which survived even after years of not being

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