Oddly Shaped Yard Essay

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5 Landscape Solutions for Oddly-Shaped Yard!
If you think your yard has an irregular or uninteresting design, embrace its imperfections with a striking landscaping idea, forming a pleasing and inviting area. The key to landscaping an oddly-shaped yard that’s tiny, narrow or not symmetrical is to embrace its quirks to accentuate the unusual shape of it.
If you’re puzzled for finding solutions on how to landscape your oddly-shaped yard, take landscape solutions from the below mentioned points, each of which is a perfect example of enhancing an irregular yard and doing it right.
Fake it
Using artificial turf is one of the best solutions to recreate your yard into a stunning landscape where your kids can safely enjoy and you can have a perfect
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Create a meadow
Hide the imperfections of your unusually shaped yard by surrounding it with a meadow. This will help you cover up the neglected area of your yard, giving it a perfect look. This would also make your yard more colorful and inviting.
Add a water feature
Make a little pond or fountain the focal point in your yard. Adding artificial grass around the base of the fountain is a good option as it doesn’t need take much maintenance cost.
Accentuate the angle
Is your yard triangle in shape? Or long? Or narrow? No matter what shape it is in, use it to your advantage by placing a small ornamental tree or a sculpture, or something that you like looking at every morning. To highlight it, you can add paths that draw eyes to the focal point and make your garden look attractive.
Embracing your odd shape yard isn’t challenging anymore. If you’re still reluctant to recreate it because mowing and watering will be time-consuming and a big hassle, switch to artificial turf. Any design can perfectly go with the artificial turf has need negligible maintenance and is extremely easy to keep. Be it any design you want to embrace in your yard, artificial turf can support it and give it a pristine base, just the one you have always been wishing for and which will complement your home, adding a beautiful element to your home

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