Happy Loman

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The book Death of a salesman is an oddity compared to other books. The characters in this book are all fictional but they could possibly be real. The first character that we are introduced to is Willy which is a traveling salesman, father and husband. He dreams of achieving an american dream type of lifestyle but due to many different scenarios he cannot achieve it. What makes is worse is that a father would hope that their children succeed because they couldn 't but that is not the case for willy. Willy is in a poor mental state due to all the problems he has. He is 63 years old and after 34 years of experience with the company he gets a pay cut and gets fired. His mental state is difficult to work with. He creates a fantasy life to help him …show more content…
Today, dear. And there’ll be nobody home.” its just an unexplainable feeling at the end. Lastly we have Happy Loman which is like willy due to his self confidence and his unrealistic goal of becoming rich in a fast manner. Willy did not really pay attention to Happy as much and even though he tries to please his father in his successes in his retail management position one thing is very clear, Happy is not so happy. Happy is lonely and purses women that are taken to treat relationships like his business but both fail to really make him happy. Happy’s goals are things he wants such as a lot of money and women like his fathers foolish dreams. The book was overall odd but such a great story. I felt a connection with the characters and how ironic most situations were. Willy is just horrible, at first I felt this sadness for him and actually the whole family. Once I looked into the characters persona and goals I started to see myself wanting to see the weight of Willy disappear from the family. I felt sympathy for LInda because she is clueless and does not know of the terrible man she is

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