Ocean Acidification Is A Global Environmental Issue Caused By The Sun

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Earths aquatic life is unique and essential in almost every aspect of human’s day to day life. Our oceans provide mouth-watering foods; they give supplies for making hair products, and also aide meteorologist in predicting our weather from day-to-day. The magnificent oceans are home to more organisms and aquatic life than is fathomable. What if we did not have our oceans to keep us healthy? The vivacious lives that make our oceans so beautifully helpful are at great danger of depletion. ”Ocean acidification is a global environmental issue caused by the man-made release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Ocean acidification is often called the "evil twin" to climate change, because both issues are rooted in carbon dioxide emissions” (Oceana, 2014). Man has leaped ahead in evolution with the invention of machinery that emits fossil fuels. However remarkable this advancement may be, it has put our world in a state of slumber. The ocean takes in carbon dioxide like a sponge takes in water, and with the ever-popular man-made machinery our world has adapted to, our ocean’s abilities to take in carbon dioxide safely has slowly but surely started to come to a dangerous stopping point. It has recently been discovered that once the ocean reaches maximum capacity, the carbon dioxide that is released into the atmosphere will stay there (Society, 2014). “When carbon dioxide dissolves in this ocean, carbonic acid is formed” (Society, 2014). Carbonic acid changes the chemical make-up…

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