Ocean Acidification And Climate Change

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Our industrialized lifestyle leading to climate change is something we can adapt to, but it’s causing a change that the Coral Reefs are not acclimated to live in.The changes and industrializations we bring affects the climate. This problem has been named and clarified as climate change. Since the industrial revolution our climate has changed drastically. Industrial waste is now a necessary problem that collides with our daily life. This lifestyle can be too much for the fragile ecosystems our world holds. The rise of ocean acidification lowers the Ph level, which kills the coral that holds some of the most beautiful life.
The Scientist who researched Ocean Acidification left a great understanding to how carbon works with the sea. These studies
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The reaction of CO2 being combined with H2O Carbonic Acid, which is also known as H2C03. When Carbonic Acid is dissolved it makes hydrogen ion, creating HCO3, leaving the H+ ion to move around freely. This is known as ocean acidification and is responsible for the rise of acidity in the reefs.Ocean acidification are also changing the coral reefs and are exceeding rates of calcium carbonate: CaCO3. Symbiosis, where two organisms rely on each other for survival, is a basic example of the circle of life. Well the Coral Reefs are a circle and if you take out the reefs the organisms lose a home. This loss will leave the marine wildlife bland, literally. The stress ocean acidification has on the corals can be too much. The corals expel zooxanthellae from their polyps due to this stressful situation, leaving them with a pale, white colour known as bleaching. Bleaching is caused by the loss of the zooxanthellae, the tissue that lives in the corals. Without it the coral grows weak and it is harder to fight the diseases. These diseases can be caused naturally or be stemmed from the factories that pollute the ocean (Science 20). The cases of bleaching were relatively small, but the recent years have shown a high rise with the related matter. The rises of bleaching is the death of an ecosystem. The Coral reefs have had millions of years to adapt to changes, they are now being forced to leave their home. The Coral Reefs dying in their own homes are caused by our industrialization,” If you pump carbon dioxide into an aquarium that contains coral, the coral will eventually die”(NPR). His statement brings an awareness that the carbon we bring to the ocean might help raise our money, but in the end it is destroying an

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