Obsessive Compulsive Disorder ( Ocd ) Essay

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ntroduction Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a fairly common illness, but it can be debilitating. This paper discusses OCD, its symptoms and treatment, and the view of it held by society in general.
In regard to the last point, one thing comes to mind immediately. The protagonist of the hugely successful TV show Monk suffers from OCD. In the series, his condition is played for laughs, and Mr. Monk is shown as being able to not only live a successful life but solve challenging mysteries as well. The show makes a joke out of his rituals and phobias, and in so doing paints an unrealistic picture of what OCD is like. It can be argued that since Monk is a sympathetic character, the show might actually help people accept OCD, but it’s still being made a comic device, when in reality it is a serious illness. The “cardinal features of the illness are excessive ruminations and associated behavioral rituals that the patient knows are irrational, yet are irresistible” (Wilkins, 2007, p. 50). Rituals may be as different as hand washing, walking a certain path repeatedly, and so on. They may be minor inconveniences or so pronounced that they interfere with the sufferer’s life to such an extent that he or she is incapacitated (Wilkins, 2007). Wilkins estimates that approximately 75% of all those with OCD can be helped, and restored to a meaningful life, though they may never be completely free of the disease (Wilkins, 2007). It’s important…

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