Obsessive Compulsive Disorder ( Ocd ) Essay

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The movie, The Matchstick Men, was about the life of a con artist that had a mental disorder called Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). OCD is a type of anxiety disorder that can be triggered by “unwanted intrusive thoughts and/or habitual behaviors” (Abnormal Psychology, 2015). With that being said, the main character, Roy who was the con artist experienced multiple obsessions and compulsions that were induced by constantly worrying and being anxious that he will get caught by one of his clients. As a result, Roy was a reclusive person. Also, he was very socially awkward in social situations, and reserved when speaking to people. In this paper, it will provide evidence that Roy had OCD. Follow by a discussion on how the other characters in the movie treated Roy. Afterward, the essay will then explain if “The Matchstick Men” did a plausible representation of OCD. Finally, I will state one thing I learned about this mental illness, and one question I have about this movie. First off, we know that Roy is a con artist.. He takes great pride in trying to be the best that he could be, so he won’t get caught by his clients. This is depicted in one of the scenes where Roy is practicing his sales pitch in the mirror. Additionally, he makes sure he chooses the right joke to be able to transition easily into talking about the deal with his client. Furthermore, he also tries on multiple pairs of glasses to be advantageous. However, Roy taking great pride and making sure the deal…

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