Essay On Observational Learning

In this paper I will be talking about the different components of learning; classical conditioning, operant learning, and observational learning. Many may not know there are so many ways we learn. Our peers can classically condition us to act the way they would consider to be good behavior. Throughout our childhood and even now operant learning comes into play, like when we get a speeding ticket. And observational learning happens when you learn from watching others perform a certain task. Each of these learning types has four subcategories within, creating a wide variety of ways we learn on an everyday basis. Classical conditioning can be defined as a learning process where two actions are paired with each other repeatedly and presented to …show more content…
Personally I learn best by observing then trying it myself. Growing up I always watched how my parents did things, like when they would bring in the groceries. My father would bring them into the house and my mother would put the refrigerated items away first. So, when I was asked to put groceries away I immediately put the items that belonged in the freezer or refrigerator away first, because that is what I have always watched my mother do. Another example would be how I learned to knit. I would sit on the couch and watch my mother as she would sew up a pillow, a dress, or a stuffed animal, all while I was taking in all the information I was watching. Then one day I decided to try it myself, I picked up the needle and thread and sewed up my first pillow. As I got better at sewing, I was sewing more complicated things I used to watch my mother do. I didn’t just learn things from my mother I also used observational learning when my dad would work on the cars. From observing my father, I learned how to change oil, air filters, breaks, tires, and how to check the oil in a vehicle. After observing him perform these actions, I tried them myself. Now I am able to do simple maintenance to my

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