Objectives Of The Human Genome Project

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Register to read the introduction… A detailed genetic map will enable scientists to pinpoint the exact locations of genes. Alternatively, a physical map of a chromosome consists of pieces of DNA that make up the chromosome. The physical map will be used in conjunction with the genetic map to localize a gene and to isolate the exact DNA fragment from it. Once the project is complete, focus can be changed from finding genes to understanding them. In what ways will the Human Genome Project revolutionize the world of medicine? What great gains will it bring humans and what implications will it bring with it?

Technical Aspects

An important point to make is that the human DNA sequence and map generated from this project is not made up of one individuals DNA, but is a compilation of several randomly chosen individuals. Humans differ in genetic makeup by only 0.1% of our DNA. That very narrow margin of difference accounts for all the variety we see in the world today.
Before continuing, a little background about the techniques is necessary. Some of the basic tools used include restriction enzymes that cleave double stranded DNA in specific areas, and gel electrophoresis, which separates DNA
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I fully support the human genome project for several reasons. I think that the project was well thought out, it certainly is well documented, and the fact that it is so public also shows merit. The planning commission, when devising the project, decided right away to allocate funds to an ethical and social committee. As the project continues, more and more tough questions do arise that need answers, or at least reassurance that this project is still an appropriate thing to do and I think scientists have done a marvelous job so far in handling ethical

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