Obesity Struggles

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Life Struggles That Come With Obesity Obesity is a huge issue in the United States; and understanding obesity, the effects it has, and the issues an individual can develop is an important factor in finding a cure for obesity. Many young and older people struggle with this life-threatening disease. Genetics and food addiction play a large part in becoming obese. There are many risk factors that come along with obesity. These include diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Fortunately, there are many natural and even unnatural ways to cure obesity.
For some cultures, Obesity is seen as desirable. However, there is evidence that obesity causes over three hundred thousand deaths that are preventable
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Americans aren’t only eating more, they have never been so inactive. The human body wasn’t created to sit on a chair all day. Yet for a lot of people, they do that for the majority or their day. Almost all of human history has never had to think about exercising because their whole life was consumed of exercise (Sanna 27). Even when people in the Western part of the world left farming to focus on making money with the use of factories, most of the work they did was still just as physically demanding. American Lifestyles began to change only within the last fifty or sixty years ago (Sanna …show more content…
The blueprint is also known as human’s genome. It contains genes that the body needs to run. When humans are conceived, they inherited half of the genes from their father and the other half from their mother. Many years ago, doctors couldn’t understand why some people could stay skinny their whole lives and other people gain weight so easily. Finally, hormones were discovered (Watson 30). “Hormones in the brain and gastrointestinal tract work to start or stop hunger. In this study, a huge breakthrough came about in 1992” (Watson 30). Scientists had found a defect in the mice that caused them to be obese. It also gave them a yellow coat. Since humans and mice are similar when it comes to genetic makeup, researchers use the yellow obese mice to study obesity in humans. They discovered that genes in the mice effects a hormone called pectin, which controls hunger. When scientists gave mice leptin, they lost weight. The mice showed that genes can influence weight gain (Watson

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