Obesity Life Struggles

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Life Struggles That Come With Obesity Obesity is a huge issue in the United States; and understanding obesity, the effects it has, and the issues an individual can develop is an important factor in finding a cure for obesity. Many young and older people struggle with this life-threatening disease. Genetics and food addiction play a large part in becoming obese. There are many risk factors that come along with obesity. These include diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Fortunately, there are many natural and even unnatural ways to cure obesity.
For some cultures, Obesity is seen as desirable. However, there is evidence that obesity causes over three hundred thousand deaths that are preventable
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For every three American adults in a room, there is at least one of them that struggle with obesity. There are many things that play a role in becoming obese, such as, long hours sitting at a desk and constant exposure to calorie dense foods. However new evidence has suggested that some foods can hijack the brain and keep us eating. "It’s possible that once people start consuming these foods, the brain changes in ways that make it very difficult to stop" (Liebman 1). There is no definition for what food addiction actually is, in other words, it is not considered a mental health problem (Liebman …show more content…
In fact, even though fat, salt, and sugar are the foods that people should try to stay away from, they tend to crave them the most. And why does the body desire foods that are bad for people? Often, junk food such as candy, soda and fast food are the ones to blame (Junk Food 1) for obesity. However, according to Cornell University, junk food isn’t the cause for the rising obesity trend. While eating chocolate bars and cheeseburgers washed down with a large milkshake isn’t the best idea, these foods aren’t the leading cause of obesity in the United States, according to a Cornell Food & Brand Lab study. The study found that the foods that people intake is not related to body mass index (BMI) in an average human adult. Candy and fast food is not connected to people’s BMI for 95% of the population. “This means that diets and health campaigns aimed at reducing and preventing obesity may be off track if they hinge on demonizing specific foods” (Junk Food

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