Essay on Obesity Is Not An Issue

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When people mention the word obesity, what comes to mind? It has always been associated with negativity even with, but not limited to, laziness, poor choices, passiveness, and many more undesirable words. Society has always been known to point to those who are easily vulnerable. Throughout the many years, obesity has been mentioned several times. From commercials, newspaper articles about losing weight, poor diets, and inadequate methods of exercise. Many shows like the Biggest Loser, Celebrity Fit Club, and I Used to Be Fat all point to the undesirable circumstance of being overweight or obese. There is an underlying warrant that obesity is not okay. Some say that it is a factor that deteriorates health but some may hold it as an identity and may even make part of many cultures, present and past. Is it an issue or is it something that is unnecessarily thrown to the public? This is something that takes two angles in a scholarly argumentative research. As a matter of fact, some people believe that obesity is not an issue. The biggest example given can be the sumo wrestlers of Japan. According to an article called Sumo, sumo wrestlers are a big part of Japan 's culture. These dedicated wrestlers create an image very unique to that of Japan. Men like these participate in this luxurious sport; the Japanese public adores these men. The article shows a picture of two sumo wrestlers wrestling. A reason for this article may be to support Japan’s unique image. This is a traditional…

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