Persuasive Essay: The Blame Game Of Obesity

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The Blame Game in Obesity
Do our eating habits begin with our parents or with the fast food corporations? It’s tempting to blame big food companies for America’s big obesity problem. Ultimately they are the people that supersize our foods and large soda pop. Like the tobacco business the food industry gets sued more often than we expect, but why blame the industry when we’re the people feeding our children with this junk. Don't we have to be accountable for our children being obese too?
As much as cigarettes are killing people so is being fat and having diabetes doesn't help either. "You don't have the collusion or the cover-up you had in smoking," says James Tillotson, a business and food policy professor at Tufts' Friedman School of Nutrition. "We want to blame somebody, but the thing is, we're all a part of it." I
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"We don't think the food industry has done anything particularly wrong in this regard," says Robert Earl of the Food Products Association. Two-Thirds of Americans are obese or overweight, the industry can't take all blame for the obesity in America. They can't blame them for people not exercising enough and or that schools actually cut physical education. The food industries are paying up to 36 billion in ads trying to shove all their products in our stomach.
There is a personal responsibility we have to take for feeding our children those sugary cereals. The cartoon ads are designed for the kids to try to encourage kids to eat there new product. It's hard for someone to take away those sugary cereals when the children see advertisements when they watch cartoons."It becomes a marketing thing, a fashion thing," says Lynch. "You want to buy the food with the cartoons on the box or the toy." Pepsi has said that they regret not offering healthier stuff in there vending machines a long time

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