Obesity : Cause And Effect Essay

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Obesity: Cause and Effect Essay

Obesity is a medical condition, whereby a person accumulates an excessive amount of body fat, usually 20% and above their ideal body weight. In 2014, world health organisation recorded that over 600 million adults, 18 years and above, as well as 42 million children age 5 and below, were obese. Statistics have shown that obesity is increasing at an alarming rate, the amount of people affected by obesity has more than doubled since 1980. This poses as a serious problem for our society, as obesity leads to many serious health complications, such as heart attack. In order for us to combat this issue, we first need to understand the causes and effects of obesity.

Poor diet is one of the rising cause of obesity. People in the twenty first century live in a fast pace environment, to keep up with the momentum, we place an emphasis on convenience. Fast food and process food are some of the many examples. After a long day at work or in order to beat the morning rush, it is much easier for us to drive through a fast food restaurant, where our meal is serve within minutes, rather than settling for home cook food, where it takes up much more time and energy to prepare. However, the trade off is that both fast food and processed food are much more unhealthy compared to home made meals. By cooking your own meal, you are conscious of what is being added thus limiting the intake of unhealthy ingredients. Since you are catering to your own needs, the portion…

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